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 Supralon HDPE pipe
 Supralon HDPE pipe
 Supralon HDPE pipe
 Supralon HDPE pipe
 Supralon HDPE pipe
 Supralon HDPE pipe
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Specification of Supralon HDPE pipe

HDPE pipe supplier center and rummy agent Supralon brand most in demand today, for the latest price info contact bpak Supralon pipes Eko is ready to assist the construction and installation of building services in particular HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings available Supralon, wavin, vinilon, intilon, Maspion etc. HDPE pipe is made to flow through the channel Supralon clean drinking water, liquid gas lines, underground cables and protection of various sizes and types of pressure to fit your needs. HDPE pipe Supralon also provide various fittings / accessories Hdpe as HDPE pipe in general. Supralon Hdpe Pipe products have been tested according to standard ISO and ISO.

Advantages of HDPE Pipes Supralon or also referred to as PE 100 pipes are:

     Meterial properties of HDPE / PE 100 is chewy, so it is not easy to crack.
    Meterial properties of HDPE / PE 100 is elastic, so it can be deflected, so that it can adjust when the ground moves.
    Resistant to pressure from within and from outside the pipe.
    Food Grade, water / pure water from springs through Supralon HDPE Pipes, safe to drink straight.
    Not corrosive so durable and long lasting kang said Elyas.
    Life Time Warranty up to 50 years, if the installation and use is correct, then the service life can reach 50 years or more does not it extraordinary Establish factory can provide assurance of all time aged man kayak right

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