PVC Vinilon Pipe
PVC Vinilon Pipe
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30 Apr 2020
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The place of pvc vinilo pipe distributor in Tangerang city is ready to serve bookings all over Indonesia, pvc price info and fitting Aqualon, Wavin, Vinilon, Pralon, Intilon and Swallow, Unilon, Rucika, Champion contact mr. Eko Ganteng and romantis lah. PVC pipe or better known as paralon is an abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloridei made from similar materials of plastic and other vinyl combinations. It has long-lasting and non-perishable, rusty or decaying properties. So PVC pipe is most commonly used in irrigation / aquatic systems and cable protectors.

Power PVC Pipe is stronger, healthier and economical. Safe for the family because it does not contain lead. Available in gray (plain) color with no MOF and white (PVC Max) with MOF 4 M. The gray PVC is thicker, more luster, while white PVC is as strong but cheaper, more sle

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