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30 Apr 2020
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Note prices AC Pipe Fittings in place we are cheaper than anywhere else. We are authorized distributors and resellers ac copper pipe in Jakarta and Tangerang are on low prices that our main priority. Functionality and usability of capillary tube is the main component AC which serves to lower the pressure and regulate the flow refrigran refrigran to the evaporator. This function is vital because it connects two parts of different pressures, namely high pressure and low pressure. Refrigran high pressure before passing through the capillary tube will be changed or reduced pressure. As a result of the pressure drop refrigran cause a decrease in temperature. In this section refrigran reached the lowest temperature (the coldest). Capillary tube located between sieve (filter) and the evaporator. When replacing or installing a new capillary tube, there should be crooked because it can cause blockages. Replacement of the capillary tube to be coinciding with the diameter and length of the pipe before.

Thermistor is one of the tools contained in the ac unit is located in indor and there is a socket that connects to the indoor module. This tool automatically sort to regulate the temperature of the room temperature. Thermistor name is a combination of the words Thermo (temperature) and resistors (estimator Prisoners). This thermistor found by Samuel Ruben in 1930.

For this type of thermistor on ac unit No 2, the thermistor temperature or room temperature (attached to the evaporator) and Pipe Thermistor Evaporator (attached to the pipe evaporator).

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