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Specification of Pipa HDPE roll

HDPE pipe Roll or rolls ranging from diameter 5 "(125 mm) to the bottom can HDPE pipe-shaped coil (roll). The length of each roll depending on the outside diameter (OD) pipe. From 2 "-2 1/2" with a length of 50 or 100 m per rollnya. Whereas 2 "up to 1/2" with a length of 100 and 200meter.

VINILON is the premier choice for uPVC/PE pipe system. Therefore when You purchase or use VINILON pipe, you will get much more than just a pipe. UPVC/PE pipe quality, supported by the educated and trained personnel in the field of Pipe uPVC/PE as well as the completeness of the quality control, technical facilities of the production technology of Germany, then we guarantee form and the quality of the production is always consistent and reliable.
VINILON is the biggest HDPE plant in Indonesia. Product VINILON accepted in various projects and also the Gas TAPS


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