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12 May 2020
IDR 01

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VINILON is the ultimate choice for quality HDPE pipe system. Therefore, if you are buying or using a pipe VINILON, you will get a much more complete than just a pipe. Pipe uPVC / PE is the result of production quality is supported by the educated and trained in the field of pipe uPVC / PE and completeness quality control facilities, technical production completely from German technology, we guarantee the shape and quality of production is always consistent and reliable.
PE / HDPE made of HDPE Vinilon quality tinggi.Tahan to chemicals, not easily damaged, does not rust, and is resistant to cold temperatures
Ease of installation combined with the lightness of these products, ensuring the efficiency in handling and installation in the field compared to using metal and concrete products. Efficiency referred to as: the handling is easier, less manpower, less heavy equipment and safety is guaranteed.
With the design and construction of measured, PE pipes Vinilon is your best choice given the state of Indonesia is located in the area of ​​the fault / plate that has the potential to earthquakes because Vinilon PE pipe has high flexibility so resistant to earthquakes than that of PE pipe Vinilon have long-term durability. Not only are manufactured using extrusion machines are modern and sophisticated, but also Vinilon PE pipe made from high-quality pure HDPE material that meets the standards of ISO / ASTM. With this type of raw material, Vinilon PE pipe resistant to chemicals and abrasion, does not rust, broken, or decreased the value of their use in conditions of freezing temperatures.

HDPE pipe PE-100 Distributor of HDPE pipe, Price HDPE pipes VINILON latest, HDPE pipe or High Density Poly Ethylene is a plastic pipe pressurized water or gas, PE pipes Vinilon is your best option for the installation of water lines that durable., PE pipes, pipe wiring, plumbing and pipe quality PVC, PE Pipe VINILON, HDPE Pipe Vinilon, pipes PE 100 Vinilon, PIPA HDPE VINILON shunt the price of its newest mid-January 2014, PE pipes Vinilon is your best option for the installation of water lines are durable Pipe, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe is made with a material with a high density polyethylene, HDPE VINILON is the largest factory in Indonesia, Accessories HDPE pipe, HDPE pipe Quality PE-100
Distributor of HDPE pipe, PVC pipe, Wavin Pipe, Pipe pvc sni
Pipe Metal Conduit, Fares, Factory Sell HDPE pipe, fittings HDPE, pipe uPVC, Fitting uPVC, Welding Machine HDPE and Cheap Accessories & Quality, SPECIALIST PIPA HDPE HDPE PIPE SUPPLIER., HDPE pipe can be used for the installation of water lines clean with cold temperatures or heat. HDPE pipes are also used for installation use AIIR CLEAN, HDPE pipe is specifically dedicated pipeline for drinking water. hdpe pipe is strongly recommended by the department of Public Works Indonesia, Factory Sell HDPE pipe, HDPE Fittings, Pipe uPVC, uPVC Fitting, Welding Machine HDPE and Cheap Accessories & Quality,Jakarta,tangerang,bogor,depok,bekasi,cilegon,merak,banten,serang,bandung,cikampek,purwakarta,sumedang,subang,semarang,Surabaya,medan,Makassar,Balikpapan,gorontalo,bali,lampung,Palembang,jambi,Bengkulu,riau,tasikmalaya,ciamis,cilacap,bangka belitung, the base of the nut, meadow, new week, Batam


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