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Vinilon PE pipe Innova
Vinilon PE pipe Innova
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Specification of Vinilon PE pipe Innova

PE pipe Innova mini heat resistant up to 95 ° C and resistant to pressure from inside the pipe and connected with fittings made of Nylon 6 without the need for glue / heater. This is the uniqueness of PE pipe Innova Vinilon that no other product.
After successfully ventured with PE pipe for water, Vinilon now presents a new breakthrough in the use of PE pipe Vinilon the "Innova". PE pipe PE pipe Innova is the first heat in Southeast Asia with a special material on the development of advanced technologies to the industrial world plastic pipe material made of PERT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance).
Excellence Heated Water Pipes / INNOVA:
- Hold Up to 95 ° C
- Anti-Earthquake
- Anti Splicing System Leaks
- Easily Put Yourself
- Corrosion & Abrasives
- Food Grade (USA FDA21 CFR 177.1520)
- Economical
- Environmentally friendly
- Can be recycled
Technical Specifications PE Pipe INNOVA For Cold Water (SNI 4829.2: 2012) and Heat (MS ISO 10508: 2009)


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