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PPR Pipe

PPR PIPE Lesso. We Sell PPR Pipe with quality-tested and terbaik.Produk this PPR Pipe although new in Indonesia but has been tried and tested quality.
PPR Pipe Lesso advantages are:
Environmental 1.Ramah
2.Price Hygiene
3.Anti corrosion, Anti Deposition Services Long Service
High 4.Temperatur remain Stabili
5.Rendah Thermal Conductivity

Lesso pipes as the best option for piping as alternatives ppr pipe at very AFFORDABLE PIPE PPR raw materials of these products come from Polypropylene Random. This material includes processed thermo-plastic material, with special character. In this case, the pipe has a hygienic properties, making it suitable to the needs of clean water. Not only that, it also makes the material more resistant to pipe drains dingan and hot water to high pressure, also produced with a very light mass, thus simplifying transportation and installation applications.

As for recognizing the third of its kind, we can see the strip at the pipe's green. Among blue, for the type of pipe PN 10. As for the yellow strip for the type of pipe with PN 16. As for the type of PN 20, strip representing the red.

For the third criteria PPR PIPE products are divided into three criteria based on PN or nominal pressure. Diamana for the purposes of the cold water supply without pressure, can be used the product with PN 10. As for the cold water inlet of high pressure or hot water, air-used pipe PN 16, and for the purposes of high-pressure hot water line, use products with PN 20.

PPR PIPE can be used for clean water, until the water in public buildings and other installations. Using a screw system, application installation is also very easy. And if you think this is less strong, you could also use the technique in the case of grafting MACHINE HEATING PIPE PPR.
PPR PIPE product has a very high resilience with the use of up to 50 years of age.

HEATING EQUIPMENT PIPE PPR. Splicing system used is a heat fusion splicing systems using heating devices. With this connection system, the results of grafting becomes fused to guarantee its power (the same as the strength of the pipe), anti-leakage and maintenance free.

Sell: Pipes PPR brand of all brands such as Toro, Wavin Tigris, Sd Will, Westpex, Asialing, LESSOKelebihan using PPR pipes, PPR Pipe Sedia PN 10 PN 16 PN 20 For Hot And Cold Water Brand Toro Asialing Lesso Wavin Tigris Green. Distributor and Sell PPR Pipe. Jakarta,tangerang,bogor,depok,bekasi,cilegon,merak,banten,serang,bandung,cikampek,purwakarta,sumedang,subang,semarang,Surabaya,medan,Makassar,Balikpapan,gorontalo,bali,lampung,Palembang,jambi,Bengkulu,riau,tasikmalaya,ciamis,cilacap,bangka belitung, the base of the nut, meadow, new week, Batam

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