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Ladder Cable

Price galvansi cable tray / cable ladder cheap and lenkap. One way or rust corrosion protection of a metal is by galvanizing. Galvanizing is the process of coating the base metal with other metals in order for the parent metal has better corrosion resistance. Galvanization generally use a metal that has a lower melting point .Galvanisasi along with electroplating, cladding, thermal spray, aluminizing and sherardizing are methods for superimposing the metal on the surface of the substrate (metallic coating).

The use of metallic coating has two purposes:

1. As a protective corrosion / rust

2. As the sacrificial anode

Hot dip galvanizing process there are two kinds. The first is electro-plating or UCP Galvanized. This process by giving the flow of electricity in a galvanized tub. So that the particles stick to the galvanized iron until the desired thickness. Being the second process is hot-dip galvanized steel is by dipping into a pool of hot galvanized. the thicker the layer galvanisnya if iron is often dipped.

Galvanization steel usually used zinc or aluminum. In the hot dip galvanizing process steel with zinc, steel initially dipped in molten zinc (450-475 ° C). This immersion causes the zinc metal will be attached to the parent metal (steel). The formation of intermetallic Fe with Zn can improve adhesion strength of this layer. Besides other parameters that determine the level of cleanliness is sticking surface, temperature, time, and chemical composition of the parent metal and upholstery. Lifespan depends on the environment and layer thickness.

Hot dip galvanizing has several advantages and disadvantages. The surplus of which have a long life and does not require a topcoat for environmental pH 5-10, can protect the structure is complex and complicated, and once the dye may coat the outer and inner surfaces simultaneously. Including major drawback structure to be coated is limited by the size of the container, not good for a structure that is always submerged and does not match the structure that is applied to the environmental pH <5 and> 10. If it would do topcoating, porous surfaces should be covered with a sealer.

We sell many types and sizes of cable ladder.

Ladder type cable U, Elbow, Tee, Cross, REDUSE, in / out of the riser

Type No. W (Width) H (Height)

LS-001 100 100

LS-002 150 100

LS-003 200 100

LS-004 300 100

LS-005 400 100

LS-006 500 100

LS-007 600 100

LS-008 800 100

Provide products made from Galvanized or galvanized, namely:

- Galvanized Cable Tray Cable Tray or galvanized Indonesia

- Galvanized Cable Ladder or Galvanized Cable Lader Indonesia

- Galvanized Cable Cable Duct or galvanized Duk Indonesia

- Galvanized Galvanized Grating Grating or Indonesia

- Finishing Galvanized Steel Grating Serrated Plain Bar center to center 30 mm x 100 mm

- Galvanized Pipe or Galvanized Pipes

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